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Dimitris Vakaros
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Dimitris Vakaros One of the great things that happen in Bandcamp is that you can discover a hidden treasure out of nowhere. Exactly like Dead Hills. Listen to this great artist
I really enjoyed the production. It is as dirty as it has to be Favorite track: The Oracle.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Terrific follow up to Purgatory/ Winds of Time . This is definitely an artist to watch. I was turned on to this following Eric's feed and it is a great find by him for sure. One of the absolute best artists and some of my favorite music I have discovered on Bandcamp. Favorite track: Shores Aflame.
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Ouroboric captures the immobilising sense of wonder associated with thoughts of what lies beyond material reach. A barren landscape and an oppressive ethereal atmosphere is the setting for this release.

All sounds and words written and performed by Weaver between October 2012 and June 2014

Artwork by Alebeard


released June 19, 2014




Dead Hills Australia

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Track Name: The Oracle
I have seen the land
Where mountains reach the sky
Where the air resonates
With the echoes of time

I have seen the forests
That span for aeons wide
Where the mist shrouded sunrise
Drowns in the rising tide

I have witnessed
The death of all worlds
One thousand times over

I have heard
The call from the east
A vague premonition
To welcome the night

The oracle foretold of our doom
That sleeps undisturbed
And awakens to kill the power
That dwells inside

Sleeping inside lie the spectres
In their black homes of glass
Coming forth to cleanse
As the air in the night

Dreaming, we flee from the darklands
And make our escape
Blown by the wind as the leaves
On the trees in time

Oh, and find the path of ascension
That leads to the oncoming shore
It meanders like the streams that will flow
'til the end of the night

Oh, I am the oracle
Here, on my mountain of ash
I wait and search for the power
That dwells inside

Oh, I am the oracle
Here, on my black throne of ash
Born with the knowledge
Of the end in sight

Black moon arises
And beckons the souls of the damned
In a midst of despair

Black sun arises
Seething tendrils of flame
Foretelling the end of time

White sun arises
Lightens the pathways once black
Where once the darkness shone

White moon arises
Carries us away from the shores
Into the eternal abyss

We open the gates to the other side
And drown in our own reflection
Track Name: Reflection on the Water
Torn by the waves of the sea
Sunken in hollows forever deep
Drowned, submerged
In black pools of blood
Longing, wanting
For the light

And surface,
To see the light fading
Once again
And cast into oblivion

Lost, stranded
In this wasteland
Searching with broken limbs
Longing, wanting
For the comfort of the night
Knowing the path
Will lead ever down

And submerge,
To see the light fading
Once again

As contrast fades into nothing
As night becomes day
Revealing the unity
Between water and dry earth
Our way is revealed

Solemn, desolate
Endless planal depths
Becoming nothing
Yet one with all

And awaken
To see the light fading
Once and for all
Track Name: Perpetuity
Can you feel the rivers
That run beneath our feet
So silently?

Have you seen the fire
Written across the sky?
So radiant
In its glory

Can you hear the echoes
Of a time long gone?
So faint they are

Have you seen the glimpses
Of a land long gone?
So faint they are
And so blind we are

All the infinitesimal pools
Will drain into the sea
And find their shelter
In the dark recesses of the sun

We will rise with the waking dawn
And worship the absolute

I yearn for the day
When the wind will come that takes away
The shade over our eyes
So that we may see the light of day
Yet we will rise with the waking dawn
To behold a world of death and decay

(can you see the mountain in the distance?)
Track Name: Shores Aflame
Smoke blinds the eyes
Distant call
Wind drowns the cries

Fate slowly dies
In the harrowed cove
Where our fleeting souls desperate fly

Pictured through the midst
Lie the remnants of our past
Forsaken relics lost to time itself

We will stoke the fires
That burn until the end
And watch the sun rise
Over the eastern hilltops

In the days of the dying sun
We shall not suffer the rising tide
Borne to us on a wind of forgetfulness

In the days of the drowning earth
We shall not surrender to the warning signs
Foretold to us by the man
Who lives on the mountain of black
Track Name: The Mountain
Lost monuments in the sleeping sands
A forbidden monolith wrought by sleepless hands
Scattered ruins amongst the weeping lands
Looming mountain shatters the desolate wastelands

Looming doom blankets the landscape in dark
While the sophic man tears his dreams apart
Soaring through purple skies to reach the apex; the centre of worlds
I will remain til the weave unfurls

I am awaiting solace
Not found where the way-seers lie
I am awaiting divinity
Not captured by the all-seeing eye

I have awoken a purpose, in me
To walk the plains and breathe
The air of sanctity
I cannot walk these ruins alone
I cannot climb this mountain all on my own

Oh.. the swirling winds ensorcell me
And take me to where the mayflowers grow
Is this the apex, the centre of worlds?
Or just an image, projected til the weave unfurls...

I have crossed the rivers
That lead only to blackened fields
I have walked the sleeping sands
Where my journey was revealed

I have witnessed the death of all worlds
One thousand times over

I have seen the end
Written in fire across the sky
Yet still I shall walk these shores
Aimless and suffocated