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West Maddox
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West Maddox This is definitely high up on my list of best albums of 2016. Amazing album. Favorite track: Warder of the Tide.
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Playing this one a lot. He really went in a bit of a different direction on the this release , and the results are phenomenal. The dark folk elements and ambient and black metal sections work so well together. At times your ear will pick out so pieces influenced by great artists and records . A little Oranssi Pazuzu here , and just a few seconds of Garm era Borknagr there. Killer record Favorite track: The Ancient Wall.
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Gateways is a dark, dusklit journey through realms only reached in dream, where violet skies loom down upon weary travelers and nightbirds chant their eerie songs. An array of influences coalesce to form this otherworldly tapestry of dark dreamland imagery.

All sounds and words were created and materialised by Weaver between Dec 2014 and Feb 2016

Artwork by Gabriel Gagné


released May 3, 2016




Dead Hills Australia

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Track Name: The Ancient Wall
Sing not broken harvest, for the night is long
And the echoes of the dawn still carry on
Wake into dusk and splendour, witness the prophet song
Follow t'ward the binding, burning strong

And lying thusly broken, the spirit of old decay
Behold as the ancient tethers fray
Journey through the darkening murkland, the paling and the grey
To midnight shrouded valleys far away

Now vastly approaching
The ancient wall, from which I derive
My immaterial bond to these planes
Gratefully wanes, and breaks once again

Loomward the weaver walks
Unburdened by haste
Tideward and weary stalks
In somnolence drear
A child of ancient grace
Track Name: Warder of the Tide
Wanderer from far beyond
Sing to me in that wordless tongue
Traveler in realms unknown
I hear the wind from its spectral throne
Nightwrought, the towers glow
Tall and far in their dusk abode
Yet long the winding road
Saith the wind from its spectral throne

High up the rise, looming as a pale shadow
The swirling air reveals fleeting...
Dancer, of the distant form
Dreamer, from beauty born
The vales wide, the globes in their luminescence
Await their waking and your passage

Come again, the ward and the wizard
Those pale fires, whence we came
Bind the frayed, the lost and invisible wayward cords
In open gloried wreathe, in luster timeless
Guide the wanderer, the weary voyager
Now aimed true, adorned and veiled
Prophesied, receiver to distant journey lies
Past the wooded groves, and onward beyond...

Caller, 'cross violet skies
Seeker, with rending cry
The wailing winds beckon to the lingering wisps
Drawing near to bridge the wretched rifts

Shimmering, the lucent path
Passes by in bleary flight
Mystic flickerings float alight
Pulled by the tide

Spheres dissipate in dormant grace
Rising, tumultuous, the echoing embrace
Of ascendant return
River of arcane might, breaker of fate
Reveals, 'midst towering heights, the perennial gate
Cascade of prophecy...

Warder of the coming tide
Defender in the shining night
Fear not the perils that lay in the raging waters
Nor the woes of cryptic wonders
The towers tall resound to the distant hollows
Saith the wind from its spectral throne
Track Name: Harvester's Hymn
He stands in the weary light of the clearing
A pale prescence, adrift and alone
Pondering the scattered remnants of the distant time
That on old winds are blown

Oh come the harvest dry
Pass by the shadows in our eyes
Welcome the winter, pale white
See not confusion, nor decry

He waits for the evening sun to depart him
A shadow forms, and not his own
Nearing the dreary summit of his hilltop climb
Looms the shadow of death

Oh come the harvest dry
Pass by the shadows in our eyes
Welcome the winter, pale white
See not confusion, nor decry
Track Name: Woodsmoke
Between the fey and the fable
Where mythic motes in miry meadows dwell
Over the hallowed hills unveiled
The gleaming trail returns with elder spell
To elevate

Writhing, windworn, amidst the dimming shadows
Duskbearer, in the hazy nightmist
Seeping outward from the deep dreamhollows
A burdened procession in cursed ambience
Enshrouded in auratic glow
Sorcerous seers make their way below

The lashing winds in tempestuous might
Pierce the billowing wall, the enfeebling blight
The gloomy path, revealed in the silence
Evoking passage and windborne guidance
Channelling, the seers return
To culminate their conjuring
Reaching beyond, unworldly bond

Forlorn was the coming morn
That tore through the breaking winter
For it carried the wounds of time and grievance
As echoes of the passing night
Resound toward a starry aether
Ephemeral in their flight
Fading to wisps of woodsmoke

And so as the cosmic arch
Descends on the silent forest
The astral cloak is cast, enduring
The dawnkeepers flee afar
Soaring to a distant never
The blessed mists depart
Borne on winds of woodsmoke

Between the ever and the after
The long ages and bygone tales past
Held in the sweeping landscape dormant
Awaiting the cry to call apart
To resonate
Track Name: Loom
Waking into grey
Where olden remnants lay
Under darkness torn
And undisturbed by time
In towering twisted climb
The threads toward the dawn

Lunar tapestry
Casts its majesty
For all to behold
And rising to entwine
Over sacred sign
The threads in deathless hold

The ephemeral wave
Recedes in finite ways